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Mad Man Mat Empty Mad Man Mat

Post by Mad_Mad_ Matt on Sun Jan 22, 2017 6:24 am

Name:Mad Mad Matt
Nickname - the Devils Reject
Age - 27 Years Old

Alignment: Heel

Mannger: Dr.Allen.

Weight/Height: 215 Lbs - 6'1

Style: Brawler-Hardcore/ lucha-puro/ Strong Style

Gimmick: Sadistic Manic who enjoys hurting people

[size=43]Ring attire: black pants witg a white short with sleves cut off. On front say 666 which looks blood is writing with it and back it says Devils Reject..He has face paint with 666 on forehead which wrote maybd from maybe from his falling foes..He wears a metal chain around his neck to the ring with his mannger Dr.Allan.[/size]


Six Feet Deep( The opponent is on the ring mat or outside on the ground or on a table on his back.Mad Man Matt jump up driving both feet onto the opponent face.

Brain Damage: Mad man Matt picks up the opponent into a power bomb but  Mat Mad turn it into a  pilediver/head drop

Leap of Death: As the opponent lays on the mat. Mad Man Matt climb the top ropes with a chair. He jumps high with the chair under his legs to crash the chair on the opponent



Man Matt hits his opponent with a combo of punches to riibs, the gut
, then  the head then the opponent falls up the against the turnbuckles. Then Mat grabs the opponent by the head and starts biting the forehead of the opponent until the opponent falls on all fours holding face with blood running down on ring mat. Mad Mad Matt grabs one of opponents arm and starts to kick his opponents face until the ref trys to stop it but matt doesnt stop and the fans would boo and threw stuff at the heel Matt

Black mist.into a burning hammer

Black mist blown the opponents eyes. As he is dazed Mad man goes behind him/she and lift him in a reverse DVD aka burning hammer.

Background: Rumor has it Mad Matt is from Guatemala but was banned from the area for his violent and sadistic way in the ring and causing riots he was to extreme for the Guatemala public. But tho some fans was into his style the GpW ( guatemala pro wresting) promoter still didn't care and still Matt kicked out saying if Matt didnt leave the fans would lich him up him up. Them rabid fans there wanted Matts Blood. six months later GPW closed due to the fans saw on point coming cause there only top heel was gone and only came to see if Mad Man Matt got beat bad . So mad man Matt toured the world under a new names and looks but nothing ever came of it due to the gimmick changes. He was a job guy in U.K where learned fast catch as can then  goofy mexian cowboy in texas named El Spanko where lean englishes half ass then in japan leaned jappenes style of strong style and puro style since had some what of a lucha style to help with the Jr puro style in Japam. He was there to team under the name Mad Man Matt with  Dr.Buther X a 329 pound guy as his partner which lead to a falling out that latter came to a series matches of cages matches, street fights, chain matches and the blow off match was a thumbtack barbed wire i quit match. The did good for the gates but when the tour ended Matt left for the next place, Puerto Rico. His gimmick was a space invader named star kid 2000. When he in was  in PR he got a call from Hugo King. Who ran the fed Violent Mexco Lucha Libre. Hugo wanted for Mad Man Matt to use his gimmick he did in guatemala the sick twisted mad man who used with violents was a way to strike fear in the peoples heart..The first show had a tournment to crown the first VMLL champion. Finals was Mad Mad Matt vs Dark Demon...Since it was VMLL this tournment was no rules..they used beer bottles, Chairs. Fire and barbed wire but nothing could keep down Dark Demon (which had a deal with Extreme Japan pro wresting) so he was tough and hardcore since EJPW was know for that kind stuff..Mad Mad Matt did his black mist/ burning hammer on Black Demon to the bottom turnbuckle but still only got a two count..both men bleeding..mad man had enough and saw Demon didnt want to loss as planned so he wouldnt mess his EJPW tour and he also didnt sell for Matt to make Matt look bad. A pissed off Matt throw Demon out of the ring and onto the time keepers table..Matt climb on with him on it and piledrived him thru it.. owner Hugo King as the ref rang the bell.Yelling out at Matt but Matt was seeing red and dont stop there. He shoves Hugh and grabbed a peice of broken table with wood peices at the end then started to stab Demon in the back and neck then hitting his head with it leaving him in blood.mess. Mad Man Matt stormed out and never came back saying VMILL was nothing more then a backyard fed that was in doors.
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