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"The Savage Princess" Amaya Knight

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"The Savage Princess" Amaya Knight Empty "The Savage Princess" Amaya Knight

Post by Amaya Knight on Mon Apr 03, 2017 6:02 pm

Height: 5 Feet 4 Inches
Weight: Striked Out With Burnt Graphic Effect
Age: 24
From: Hoia-Baciu forest in Romania
Build: Thin & Toned
Alignment: Tweener (Face with Heel Tendencies)
Favored Weapon: Quarter Staff & Kendostick

Entrance Theme: "Conga Fury" by Juno Reactor

Teaser:"The Savage Princess" Amaya Knight QpVO46n
A gift to me. Please note I do not know how to make these.

Gimmick: Amaya Knight is the princess of a small tribe that lives in the haunted Hoia-Baciu forest in Romania. She has spent most of her life out in the wild taking on endeavors such as wrestling wildlife and hunting for survival.

Character Traits: Being a princess of a tribe out in the wilderness has made Amaya Knight a strong person. But with that strength comes a lot of flaws and shortcomings. Used to have people and the world bend to her will she cannot stand law and authority as most of these things go against her wishes. Amaya Knight is also stubborn in her ways which can be her greatest strength or her biggest flaw pending the situation she finds herself facing.

Yet... Because of her past she can gain a deep respect for anyone who can best her in a fair fight acknowledging the primitive phrase of "Might is Right". She's not quick to make friends but will look up to those who can beat her without bending the rules or cheating.
And the one thing that Amaya Knight cares about the most is leaving her mark in CEW and etching her name into the history books where she will always be remembered.

Savage Clutch (Two Handed Choke Lift)


The lights in the arena shut off as the tron lights up with a video showing different parts of the ever famous and haunted Hoia-Baciu forest in Romania. After a few seconds of wading through the video in the forest as if moving through a first person video game, "The Savage Princess" Amaya Knight can be seen dancing around a fire as some large brush is moved aside by unknown hands.

As this happens the entrance stage explodes in a series of green, red, and purple lights as Amaya Knight makes her way out from the back dancing in various animal furs with a wooden quarter staff as she pushes her way past brush and foliage that has been set up at the end of the entrance stage for her entrance.

Ring Announcer: On the way to the ring! All the way from THE HOIA-BACIU FOREST IN ROMANIA!! "The Savage Princess" Amaya Knight!!

With a sudden burst of energy "The Savage Princess" rushes down the entrance ramp and slams down her quarter staff as she polevaults over the top rope and lands with a roll inside of the center of the ring so that she is resting on her knees. She looks up to the ceiling and lets out a loud battle cry as she screams over the music.
Amaya Knight
Amaya Knight

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"The Savage Princess" Amaya Knight Empty Re: "The Savage Princess" Amaya Knight

Post by AJ Skills on Mon Apr 03, 2017 6:43 pm

Love it! Great job on the bio! Razz Very informative.


@Amaya Knight wrote:
Weight: Striked Out With Burnt Graphic Effect


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Ronald Roode

Head Trainer / Former CEW Star Champion
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