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Post by C-Note on Mon Jan 16, 2017 8:48 pm

Real Name: Parnell Alehandro Layfleur Jr.
Alias: Par Lay Jr. a.k.a The Prodigal Son
Class: Technique
Face or Heel: Tweener
Date of Birth: May 29th
Height: 6ft 2 inches
Weight: 220lbs
Complexion: Chocolate
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Hair is braided back
Facial Hair:
Distinguishable Marks:
Tattoos: (TBA)

Ring Attire:
Head: Black surgeon’s mask which has an X across the front in diamonds, black sunglasses
that has the cross on each lenses in diamonds
Torso: none
Hands: Blue fingerless gloves with black studs on the knuckles.
Legs: Blue wrestling tights
Feet: Black wrestling boots
Entrance: On the way to the ring he has on a long black jacket that also has diamonds
accentuating it and the word Prodigal Son… written across the black in diamonds

Role play color: Blue
Catchphrases: (TBA)

Back story:

Par Lay Jr is currently the youngest known active member of 416. Inheriting his father’s Casanova ways and his mother’s quick temper which lead cause him to get into a lot of trouble growing up. Nothing his “uncles” from the 6 wouldn’t be able to handle though or at least that was what he grew up thinking, which is probably another reason why he was constantly in trouble.

Growing up looking up to the guys who created 416 (C-Note and Tdot Finest) and idolizing his father Par Lay Jr decided to follow in their footstep and get into the wrestling business. Doing well for himself around the world he decided to rejoin his family as the “prodigal son” returned to help bring back 416 to their rightful glory.
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