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C-Note's biography  Empty C-Note's biography

Post by C-Note on Mon Jan 16, 2017 4:41 pm

Real Name: Daniel Culture
Alias: C-Note
Alias: Money Making Millonair, Money Making Messiah
Class: Strength
Face or Heel: Tweener
Date of Birth: May 29th
Height: 6ft
Weight: 201lbs
Complexion: Chocolate
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Black frohawk that is dyed brown
Facial Hair: none
Distinguishable Marks: none
Tattoos: (tba)

Ring Attire: (tba)
  Head: none
  Torso: none
  Hands: Black with green trim gloves
  Legs: Green wrestling tights that have dollar bills in green and silver coming up the side of it
  Feet: Black with green trim boots
  Entrance: n/a

Role play color: Green
Catchphrases: "Money runs this world"

Biography:Same Like The Dominator Except That He Loves Money And Wants To Bring The Glorious Change

Theme Song:Arab Money By Busta Rhymes

Taunt:C-Note Shouts:I Bring The Glorious Change

The Crowd And C-Note Shout:AND YOU ARE WELCOME

Entrance:A cash register sound goes off over the PA
The Titon Tron comes to life with the words Money Makes The World Go Around
and a picture of a $100 American bill spinning around in circles.
Suddenly Arab Money by Busta Rhymes starts to play over the PA.

C-Note comes out the back in his typical ring attire
and makes his way to the ring
black tank top,
green wrestling tights that have dollar bills in green and silver coming up the side of it.
black with green trim gloves with similar color boots.

He makes his way to the ring collecting a microphone on the way
then slides under the bottom rope.
He walks to the middle of the ring and gives the crowd a moment to settle down before beginning.

Btw i am the dominator just got this idea what do you guys think? and i wanted to be more...detailed
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