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Justin Sayn - Bio

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Justin Sayn - Bio Empty Justin Sayn - Bio

Post by Justin Sayn on Fri Jan 06, 2017 10:14 pm

Name - Justin Sayn
Nickname -
Age - 29 Years Old

Alignment: Heel

Weight/Height: 197Lbs - 5'9



InSayn Bow Drop ( Apron to Outside the ring )

Justin Sayn jumps over the ropes landing on the apron then takes a shorts run making a jump from the apron
landing on the laying opponent hitting him with his elbow on the chest with a InSayn Bow Drop!

Bang Bang ( Two Headbutts )

Justin Sayn grabs his opponent by the hairs and starts laughing before he inflicts a first headbutt on his opponent
then lift the kneeling opponent and hits him once more with his head executing a Bang Bang!


InSayn O Lock

Justin Sayn hits his opponent with a headbutt behind the head forcing the opponent to fall on his knee
Justin takes his chance and lock his opponent into a modified full Nelson and sits on his opponent arching his back to inflict more pain with his Insayn O Lock

Just In Time ( Bicycle Knee )

Justin Sayn stalks his opponent and takes a quick run
Jumps in the air and bringing his left leg down and his right Knee up knocking his opponent with a Just In Time

Background: Justin Sayn is a guy who fights in the street for money that where his hardcore style in the ring. Justin is a sucker for pain and he doesn't enjoy the victories he had but the damage received and given to his opponents. He rather lose and see he hurt or injured his opponents than win and still feel nothing but emptiness. He doesn't hold a good record in the wrestling industry but does has one in the street.
Justin Sayn
Justin Sayn

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