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"Dr. Intensity" Eddie Swizzler biography

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"Dr. Intensity" Eddie Swizzler biography

Post by Dr-INTENSITY on Thu Feb 23, 2017 8:02 pm

Name: Eddie Swizzler
Wrestling Name: "Dr. Intensity" Eddie Swizzler
Height: 6 ft 1 in
Weight: 234 lbs
Hometown: San Francisco, California, USA

Alignment: 100% Face.  Eddie would never do anything to disappoint his fans.

Theme Song: "Turn on the Action" by Dokken

Quotes: Eddie will famously interact with his fans using some catch phrases.  He will ask "Can you feel the INTENSITY??? Can you feel the Excitement???!!!!"  Eddie is also known for his loud screams of "WWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHH!!!!" to excite those around him.  

Trademark: Eddie is a high-energy personality who takes high-flying risks in order to catch his opponents off guard.  His trademark move the EXCITEMENTBOMB is a great set up to his finishing move.

Finisher: INTENSITY DRIVER - This is a piledriver delivered off of the second rope.

Entrance: Eddie bursts out with high energy when "Turn on the Action" plays.  He slaps high-fives with his fans and cartwheels himself toward the ring.  Eddie does at least one lap around the ring, interacting with his fans, before leaping over the top rope with a springboard dramatic entrance.  

Bio: Dr. Eddie Swizzler was formerly a motivational speaker in high demand. While traveling for his job, he entered a contest to wrestle others for cash. He enjoyed the feel of victory so much that he stopped touring as a speaker. Today this wild-haired maniac fires up the support of a crowd wherever he goes to wrestle.  He is known to dye his hair green or purple and wear colorful yet mismatched wrestling singlets.  Eddie has lightning bolt tattoos on his arm and leg.    


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