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Knock Out Brooke's Bio

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Knock Out Brooke's Bio Empty Knock Out Brooke's Bio

Post by C-Note on Mon Jan 16, 2017 8:51 pm

Real Name: Brooklyn Karter
Alias: KnockOut Brook (K O for short)
Class: Strength
Face or Heel: Tweener
Date of Birth: January 1st
Height: 5Ft 10 inchs
Weight: unconfirmed
Complexion: Caramel
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Brown white blond highlights usually in big curls but sometime straight
Facial Hair: n/a
Distinguishable Marks: none
Tattoos: (tba)

Ring Attire:
Head: none
Torso: Skin tight gold body suit trimmed in silver
Hands: none
Legs: none
Feet: Silver wrestling shoes
Entrance: n/a

Role play color: Indigo
Catchphrases: " Time To Fight & Delight "

Back story:
Coming from wealth Brooklyn never had to want anything. Going to the best schools, having all the fancy clothes, driving around in the most extravagant cars and travelling all around the world caused her to grow up feeling entitled and expecting only the best in life.
Both intellectually and physically gifted she got top marks in school while leading here cheerleading squad to repeated national championships. Earning a scholarship for cheerleading she attended a prominent university and continued to exceed all expectations. While at school she joined a local gym to help stay in shape and it was there that she met a few Indy wrestlers. Growing up as a fan she took them up on their offer to come out to a her first live show and was instantly bitten by the wrestling bug.
Having decided to dedicate her time to learning the craft, her family provided her with as much support as they could sending her to some of the finest wrestling academies in the world, and being gifted she picked up techniques very quickly allowing her to get into the ring very early from when she first started training. Playing the indy scene and doing well for herself she caught the eye of the brash entrepreneur who had decided to take over the world with not only his business accruements but his skills in the ring. Instantly falling for C-Note she willing joined 416 and has her eyes set on being the top of the wrestling world.
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