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Ty GunningZ Bio

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Ty GunningZ Bio Empty Ty GunningZ Bio

Post by Ty Gunningz on Thu Jan 12, 2017 5:09 am

Name: Ty GunningZ
Class: Balanced
Alias: A face with a heel based personality but the crowd likes it
Date of Birth: 3rd November, 1998
Height: 6ft
Weight: 217lbs
Complexion: brown skin
Eyes: Brown
Hair: High top fade
Facial Hair: none
Distinguishable Marks: None
Tatoos: none


Grown up in New York, Queens, there was a boy who wanted to be a wrestler just like any other average kid. However this boy not only wanted to be a martial artist but a mercenary assassin and a master-at arms. He trained in military martial Arts when he grew up and in Shotokan Karate and Judo when he was younger in which he managed to get a black belt level. He then left his job as a Mercenary and decided to do and live his long life dream of being a wrestler at the federation named Caged Evolution Wrestling!

Catchphrase: I am Gunning for you!

Top Ten Moves
* Dropsault
* Slingblade
* Back spinning heel kick
* Roundhouse Kick
* Jumping Twisting DDT
*Sunset flip powerbomb pin
* Frog Splash
* Powerbomb  to opponents at the turnbuckle and then do a roundhouse kick
* Flying Knee
*Power Slam
Extreme moves ( Moves that  when the match is needed to be pushed to the limit for entertainment)
* Running  Springboard  Frog splash on to the announcer’s table, or any table
* Powerbomb  on table
* Place head in behind the ropes in the corner and then wedge a chair in front of their face and then do a run up with a running dropkick into the chair smashing their face in executing the Flying Bullet Kick (made up name)
* Extreme Nuclear missile driver to the Steel steps- A Nuclear missile drop knee stomp(stomp using knee) from the top ropes with the feet landing on the head of the opponent on the steel steps.
* .500 Magnum that can be hit in the air

Signature Moves
* Nuclear missile Overdrive ( A curb stomp from the top ropes using the knees)
* Nuclear Missile Driver ( Similar to curb stomp just using the knee  )

* .500 Magnum - Stalk the prey and then  wait till they get up to hit them with a jumping cutter
* Full Metal Flip Bullet - A standing Moonsault side slam

Comeback move (This is to help get the momentum flowing in my wrestler)
AK47– Three vicious strikes: Three 6 inch punches to the heart and then a roundhouse kick
Dead Eye – A punch to the face and then two swifts elbows from both left and right arm respectively following it up with a slingblade

Ty Gunningz
CEW Beginner
CEW Beginner

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