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Rajah Creed (Bio)

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Rajah Creed (Bio) Empty Rajah Creed (Bio)

Post by Rajah Creed on Fri Nov 27, 2015 1:44 pm

Rajah Creed (Bio) 848
(Except he's bald because #CesaroSection)
Name: Rajah Creed
Current Role: CEW Superstar
Alignment: Heel
Trademark: Powerbomb, Super kick, Spear
Finisher: Thrill of the Hunt (TKO to Dragon Sleeper), Butterfly Effect (Double underhook suplex/DDT to Butterfly Lock)
Nicknames: The Headhunter, The Predator
CEW Record: 0 - 0 - 0

Entrance Themes Used:
"Jungle" by X Ambassadors (November 27, 2015 - Present)

Championship History:

Match Appearances:
Rajah Creed
Rajah Creed
CEW Beginner
CEW Beginner

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Rajah Creed (Bio) Empty Re: Rajah Creed (Bio)

Post by Rajah Creed on Sat Nov 28, 2015 8:21 am

Fast Facts:

* Concept is a mash-up of Kraven the Hunter, Victor Creed (Sabretooth), Vixen, and Nidalee (League of Legends), with a little bit of Rengar thrown in. Nicknamed The Headhunter and The Predator, Rajah Creed lives for The Hunt.
* He is always wearing a bonetooth necklace. His aesthetics never reference the Predator franchise contrary to popular belief.
* He has a valet named Naiara whose aesthetics is that of a Nidalee/Vixen mash-up with  a "primal scream" (ala Melina) and a "hunting spear" (wooden staff).
* Previously Kraven Creed but the name was denied, so it's now Rajah Creed. Rajah was taken from Kraven's pet tiger.
* Rajah Creed's theme is "Jungle" by X Ambassadors.
* Signed Caged Evolution Wrestling (CEW) contract on 11/27/2015.
* Looks like Dominic Purcell or a bald Jake Gyllenhaal.
* Rajah Creed uses the wolf's head hand gesture. He also has a customized spear, which is actually a bo staff made from the same material as a kendo stick.

Rajah Creed
Rajah Creed
CEW Beginner
CEW Beginner

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