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Siobhán Quin: Banshee, The Celtic Queen, The Irish Shooter

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Siobhán Quin: Banshee, The Celtic Queen, The Irish Shooter

Post by Rajah Creed on Fri Dec 11, 2015 8:20 am

Siobhán Quin is a rapscallion, a troublemaker, a hellraiser. Growing up an orphan in the mean streets of Dublin, she had to fend for herself. Despite her rough attitude, Siobhán has a code of honor, which is mostly "to put up or shut up." She won't hesitate to knock you over your arse, except if you're an innocent who can't defend herself.

Fast Facts
* Basically a mashup of Becky Lynch, Sheamus, and Finn Balor, with a bit of crazy (read as Dean Ambrose) thrown in.
* Known to say the following after a match she wins: "Sorry about your luck, lassie."
* Also screams a lot because...Banshee.
* A running gag about her is that most people can't keep with what she's saying if she starts talking fast (she almost always end up talking really fast) because of her hard Irish accent.

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