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Eddy Lyon - Gimmick

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Eddy Lyon - Gimmick Empty Eddy Lyon - Gimmick

Post by Justin Sayn on Sat Dec 05, 2015 6:12 pm

Name: Eddy Lyon

Nickname: The Caribbean Joker

Weight: 180Lbs

Height: 5'8

Alignment: Face

Entrance Video:


Reality Check ( Super Kick )

[fighter] super kicks opponent] executing a [move]

Caribbean Bow Drop ( Diving Elbow Drop )

[fighter] knocks [opponent] down on the mat and points at the turnbuckle
jumps on the turnbuckle and slowly goes up extending his arms getting the crowd support and jumps aiming his elbow on [opponent] 's chest and lands on it cutting his air off his chest executing the [move]

Gimmick background:

Eddy Lyon is a former Olympic Bronze medalist. After his last match in the olympics he got into a fight
at a bar and got injured bad in the head since then he has a personality disorder. Eddy sign up in the famous Torture Chamber Pro Wrestling Dojo and trained with Big Boss Rosario and Henlar. Two Hall Of Famers and former World Champions. Eddy recently graduated from the school and since then he wrestle in many hardcore promotions. He is not the good or bad guy but he is the guy who will bring force you to bring your absolutely best in the ring.

Alter Ego:


Alignment: Super Heel


Rain of Pain ( Caribbean Bow Drop with a chair )

Luminous is the hardcore maniac who only seek destruction and pain
you can try to bury him alive but he won't give up he will find his way out and hunt you
if Luminous takes control of Eddy's personality that means you're in a big trouble.

Entrance video:

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